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6 Books To Read When Living On Your Own For The First Time

6 Books To Read When Living On Your Own For The First Time

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If you're making the transition from living with family to living on your own for the first time, you're in for quite the adventure. The freedom, independence, privacy, and space that comes from living in your own apartment can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Many of the things you need to know about living on your own you'll learn through trial and error, but it never hurts to have a few helpful resources on hand. 


Here are six books to read when living on your own for the first time: 


The Art of Living Alone and Loving It by Jane Mathews  

This easy-to-read instruction manual tacos everything from cooking for one, juggling finances, and finding Community while living alone. Jane Matthews Dives deep into the importance of being content exactly where you are, even if it's not where you thought you'd be. The book teaches that being self-sufficient breeds self-confidence, which trickles over into every aspect of your life. After you read this, you'll stand that living alone is a skill that requires effort, but the rewards are life-changing  


Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? By Julie Smith 

This insightful book focuses on how to preserve your mental health while living alone. Instead of abstract theories, it offers easy-to-read, action steps and coping strategies for anxiety, depression, and low self-confidence. It's a roadmap for those living alone to navigate unexpected setbacks and challenges that come with solo living, While also reminding them of the growth and change that happens when someone is brave enough to step out and live on their own for the first time  


What a Time To Be Alone- Chidera Eggerue 

This book is like having a tiny, supportive, boundary-setting, and hilarious best friend in your pocket. This easy read will dive into topics like self-love and empowerment, learning how to celebrate your individuality, and writing your own story. One of those things that set this book apart is that the author takes lessons and Proverbs passed down from her Nigerian mother to introduce cultural concepts of living alone and celebrating independence  


How to Adult by Stephen Wildish 

Our parents always told us that there is no guidebook to life, but thankfully Stephen Wildish fixed that for us. This fun-to-read instruction manual covers many of the challenges and questions that young adults have living on their own for the first time. This is the perfect addition to your bookshelf if you love all things charts, graphs, and analytics, and covers topics such as getting to work on time, keeping your apartment clean, paying rent, and doing laundry.  


The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential… in Business and Life by Leo Babauta 

Many people who are moving out and living on their own for the first time obsess over all of the physical things, gadgets, trinkets, appliances, and tools they need to be successful. We can get so caught up in having more, doing more, and being more that we lose sight of what's important. This book provides actionable steps on living on less and teaches readers how to be content with what they have. Perfect for those living in an apartment and trying to maximize their space and eliminate clutter, The Power of Less will teach you how to: Break any goal down into manageable tasks 


  • Focus on only a few tasks at a time 

  • Create new and productive habits 

  • Hone your focus 

  • Increase your efficiency 


Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World by Jennie  

One of the biggest challenges that people who are moving out for the first time face is building a community. Moving to a big city like Los Angeles can be overwhelming if you don't know anybody, and this book helps readers find their people. This book uses insights from history and science to dive into deep topics like overcoming the barriers to making new friends, understanding how conflict can strengthen relationships rather than destroy them, and self-reflection exercises that help you identify the type of friend you are and the types of friends you need.  


Whether you're living in a traditional apartment and looking for a roommate, or have found a cold living sweet in the city, this book will help you build healthy relationships and learn how to navigate toxic ones.  


Bottom Line  

Living in your own apartment for the first time is a big deal. Moving to La will open up so many new opportunities to learn more about yourself, meet new people, and pursue your dreams. If you're still looking for an apartment to rent in Santa Monica, take a virtual tour of NMS 1427 Seventh today. And once you get settled in, you can head to the Santa Monica Public Library and check out all of these helpful resources.

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