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NMS 1427 Seventh
NMS 1427 Seventh

How To Find A Roommate While Attending Santa Monica College

How To Find A Roommate While Attending Santa Monica College

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You moved to Santa Monica and found the perfect place to live, but you’d like to share the apartment and bills with a roommate. Even if you don’t know even one person in the city, you can still find a perfectly compatible roommate by using a roommate-matching service. 

Some of the roommate-matching services charge for using their platform, but others don’t. Here’s a quick guide to the most effective apps and services to help you find someone to share your Santa Monica College apartments home with you. 

Roommate Matching Services 

Using any of the featured apps lets you create a profile and find a compatible roommate efficiently. If you know no one in the city to which you moved, use these options to find someone like-minded with whom to share your home and utility bills. You can only create an account for yourself using any of these sites. 


The newish Diggz began by serving 22 major cities and grows its list carefully. It doesn’t charge for its service and avoids spam accounts by combining algorithm-based artificial intelligence checks and manual account examinations. 

The site lets you favorite other users’ accounts to indicate that they meet your roommate criteria. This activity sends them a notification, so they can examine your Diggz profile to see if you meet their roommate criteria. The site provides five free instant messages, so you can contact mutually compatible individuals. 

Rather than keeping people in definite categories, like non-smokers or smokers, it uses a scale to show a person’s lifestyle. Although you can find roommates here without paying a dime, purchasing a membership will speed up the process. 


The best services use multiple identity verification methods to reduce or eliminate spam completely. The Roomi service does this while serving hundreds of cities worldwide. 

The process functions a bit like a dating app. You respond to a lengthy intake survey that catalogs your likes and dislikes. The website’s algorithm compares this to others in its database to find you the ideal roommates according to your preferences. 

Although you can create an account for free, you’ll need to pay for extras like messaging, running background checks, and higher-level identification checks. The latter two processes go a long way to weeding out spammers. 


RoomieMatch delivers on its motto “No scam, no spam, and no scum,” by manually checking each profile before allowing it to go live. Its process keeps your likes and dislikes private, using an algorithm to locate potentially suitable roommates. It emails each user a list of profile matches. 

You can create a free RoomieMatch account by completing its detailed registration application. Their staff reviews your profile to ensure you listed your own information and that you aren’t a spammer. Once your account goes live, paid subscribers can contact you using RoomieMatch. If you want to contact others, you must purchase a membership. 

The well-known website offers a manual search and compatible roommate suggestions once you’ve completed your profile and registration. The website uses identity verification and fraud detection tools to reduce fake listings and spam. To contact potential roomies, you must register for at least its minimum plan of $5.99. 

Using the manual search lets you filter potential roomies using location, move-in date, and budget. You can sort the results using the earliest move-in date option. 

Part of the popularity of comes from its details area. You can add room pictures, apartment or house features, preferred lease terms, and neighborhood information. 


Roomster also serves hundreds of cities worldwide. It uses an account holder’s social media as part of its identity verification. The app lists everyone's social media profiles on their account so that potential roommates can learn about them by visiting their profiles. 

The search process at Roomster offers multiple filters to help you eliminate inappropriate options. Using results sorting also helps home in on the perfect match. Confident that its methods work well, the site offers a three-day subscription for $6. The free account offers limited features but the paid options speed up the success of your search. 


SpareRoom serves UK and US cities with roommate matching services. According to its website, every three minutes, it matches another roommate. 

The website uses a spam-reducing process that lets you browse existing listings without creating your own. Each profile you read went through a lengthy approval process, which helps reduce junk listings. The site also uses software to detect spam and remove it before it reaches you. Spammers can’t flood your inbox with messages, so you can count on a message you do receive being accurate and honest. You can create a free account on the website. 

Options to Avoid When Finding a Roommate 

Skip the Facebook groups and Craigslist ads. They might work great for finding a used desk or coffee table, but since you can’t sort or filter, plus neither option uses profile verification, they don’t provide good options for finding a roommate. You might also consider contacting your university’s alumni association. But remember that just because you attended the same school does not mean you’ll think the same way about everything. 

Finding the Perfect Roomie for Your NMS 1427 Seventh Apartment 

Use a well-designed roommate app or website to help you find the ideal roomie to share your NMS 1427 Seventh apartment. Our Santa Monica, CA apartment community offers beachfront living with many amenities, including community activities. Why keep it all to yourself? Finding a perfectly compatible roommate lets you share the rent and bills while maintaining your preferred way of life. 

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