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NMS 1427 Seventh
NMS 1427 Seventh

3 Ways To Design Your Apartment Balcony

3 Ways To Design Your Apartment Balcony

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It's a privilege to have a balcony in your apartment and you don't want to let it go to waste. There are so many ways you can design it so that it reflects you and your personality. No matter what size balcony you have, it's easy to transform it into your ideal place to relax. Here are three different ways to do so. 

1. All About The Lighting 

A well-lit balcony means you can sit outside early in the morning or late in the evening. You have a few options for adding light to your balcony. One is to hang overhead lights, but you may even prefer to hang lanterns or place candles around the balcony strategically. You could also line the edges of the balcony with the lights of your choice. 

2. Your Corner of the World 

While your whole apartment is your sanctuary, the balcony should be particularly inviting and comfortable. This calls for some chairs that you can spread out on, as well as some oversized pillows. If your balcony is large and you're looking to fill a corner of it, consider having a mega couch installed. It will be smaller than your living room couch but give you more room than a chair would. On the other hand, if your balcony is on the smaller side, a hanging chair can be a great way to save space. 

If you want to fill your balcony with decor, consider installing shelves. This will give you room for knickknacks or plants that will make the space even more appealing. And you can even mask an ugly wall by putting up a curtain over it. If you choose a plain white curtain, it will make your decor even more eye-catching. 

3. Breakfast/Bar Top 

There's no reason why you can't enjoy a nice relaxing meal on the balcony. Add to its usefulness by installing a breakfast nook or bar top. Depending on the size of the balcony, your breakfast nook can consist of two small chairs and a corner table. Bigger balconies may even have space for a full-sized table instead. And when it comes to adding a bar top, it's the ideal way to have a place to at least enjoy a drink even on the smallest balconies. 

These are just some of the few creative ideas you can employ to utilize balconies in Santa Monica apartments. For the apartments with the best balconies, you can't beat NMS 1427 Seventh. The possibilities for designing your dream balcony are endless.

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