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NMS 1427 Seventh
NMS 1427 Seventh

3 Santa Monica Restaurants Where You Can Ring In 2023

3 Santa Monica Restaurants Where You Can Ring In 2023

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Have you ever noticed that New Year's Eve comes with a mixed message? We're told to ring out the old and ring in the new, yet the New Year's Eve anthem Auld Lang Syne cautions us against letting "old acquaintance be forgotten". Well, here are three Santa Monica restaurants that have found a way to do both. They create bold new recipes based on the foods of their cultures, homelands., or past lives. And the good news is they're all open on New Year's Eve. 


1314 7th St. 


If you and your New Year's Eve dining partner(s) can't decide between Asian food or locally sourced California fish and seafood, the good news is you don't have to squabble. If you make a reservation at Cassia, you can satisfy everyone. But then that was what Chef co-owner Bryan Ng had in mind when he opened Cassia in 2015 along with his wife Kim Luu-Ng and business partners Josh Loeb and Zoey Nathan, another married pair, back in 2015. 

The reason for their wide appeal is they pack their menus with offerings that reflect their different heritages and cultures. That's why on any given night, you can expect to see the wait staff carrying trays bearing Vietnamese specialties like Koh Loh Mee, spicy Minced Duck Dan Dan Noodles along with Grilled Sea Bass and Steak Frite to the same table. 

If this is the menu on a typical day, can you imagine what they'll be serving on New Year's Eve? Call now to make reservations and if you'll be celebrating with that special group of friends inquire about their private dining room that seats 18. 

Birdie G's 

2421 Michigan Avenue 


Birdie Gs also leans on its owner's history to put together a distinctive dining experience. It starts with their name. Birdie is the daughter of Jeremy fox, the co-owner and chef. G was his grandmother Gladys. The food served at Birdie G's takes its cue from Fox's family's journey through the deep South and on to the Midwest before arriving here in Santa Monica. Even ancestral homes in places like Hungary, Poland, Germany, and Ukraine have left their mark, resulting in a menu of Eastern European recipes prepared with locally sourced fresh California produce, meats from local ranchers, and fresh fish from the waters of the Pacific. So don't be surprised when you see inventive dishes like Matzoh Ball Soup with California carrot miso and Southern Noodle Kugel with pecans from the orchards of California served with that southern condiment, chow chow. 

We can't promise what Birdie G's will serve on New Year's Eve but expect it to be unique so call and make your reservations now. 



1104 WIlshire Blvd 


Recently reincarnated Melisse looks to its own critically acclaimed history and the 25+ year career of its founder, Chef Josiah Cintrin to bring an intimate elegant dining Santa Monica on New Year's Eve and every day. What's more, Chef Josiah uses his well-established California connections to source fresh ingredients and award-winning wines from the length of California from the fields of San Diego County to the vineyards of Napa Valley. 

This reincarnation is not for everyone because it's laid-back dining room seats but 14 diners. But if you're fortunate enough to secure a reservation you can look forward to 2-1/2 hours of culinary delight as the staff under the watchful eye of Chef de Cuisine Ian Scaramuzza serves you an 8-course tasting menu centered around local seasonal produce, prime meats, and fresh-caught seafood, 

The elegantly simple tables scattered around the room give each diner a view of the open kitchen, so they can watch chefs employ modern techniques to re-create the classic dishes brimming with global flavors they will soon eat. As you can expect securing a New Year 

So, whether you are a newcomer to NMS 1427 Seventh, the westside complex of luxurious Santa Monica apartments, or have lived there a while, as much as you may enjoy preparing meals in the familiar comfort of your well-appointed kitchen, New Year's eve is, if we can borrow the words of the play Cabaret, "no time to stay at home in your room", especially when you have these three restaurants in the neighborhood. 

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